Nala Von Castle is an absolutely GORGEOUS female with

excellent black and red pigmentation. She is a vey happy and

HEALTHY female. Nala is very powerful and is correct size and structure. Nala has really impressed us with her intelligence, often learning new tasks almost immediately. She is very devoted and loving to her family. Nala’s father is Kosta vom Hanness, FULLY TITTLED SchH3, Kkl. 1 “a” stud dog imported from direct from Germany. Kosta has achieved a mastery level in Schutzhund and has done very well at the World Championships in Germany.

Nala is the great granddaughter of the famous German International Champion VA Sieger Ursus von Batu Sch 3. Along with Nala’s pedigree, she has a very strong will to please, and picks up tasks very quickly. This is a very healthy and beautiful female, sure to pass down excellent genetics.


Layla Von Meyers is a wonderful female with a strong play/prey drive and is highly people oriented. Layla is a very beautiful female and is absolutely correct in structure and temperament. She is very in-tune with her handlers and loves one on one attention.

She is a healthy dog with a very happy and playful temperament. Layla is highly devoted to her family and will protect if need be.


Layla has very impressive lineage. Her father is V ROBBY VOM TANNENBRUCH, a super world-class Italian stud FULLY TITLED SCHH3/KKL1/A2/A1. Layla is the grand daughter of VA1 OBER VON BAD-BOLL, the 2010 Sieger Champion and the great granddaughter of VA7 Marko della Valcuvia AND VA3 Esck vom Danischen Hof! 

She is correct in type and temperament and comes from an excellent pedigree.